4 June 2013 – The President of Uruguay José Mujica, accompanied by a delegation of Uruguayan government officials will make an official visit to the Fondazione Mediterraneo after an audience with Pope Francis I.
They will be welcomed by President Michele Capasso and other members of the Fondazione who together will inaugurate the “Uruguayan Room” which for political ethical reasons will be located in the “Euromedcafé Casa Tua For Peace”. On this occasion, there will be a ceremony to present the “Mediterranean Award for Institutions” and the title of "Ambassador of the United States of the World", awarded to President Mujica on the following grounds:
“In a world that is increasingly invaded by personal interests, in which every social, political and religious space is used merely to  pursue a miserable “Love of Power”, he has been able to shed light, give  meaning and force to his “Power of Love”, which means living in modesty and demonstrating by your own deeds that power must not change people, but reveal your deepest true nature”.