Immediately after the Neapolitan day for the inauguration of the virtual Salesian Oratory, the Rector Major of the Salesians Don Ángel Fernández Artime, accompanied by Don Václav Klement, councillor for the region of East Asia-Oceania, and by his Secretary, Don Horacio López, embarked on a multi-stage journey with final destination in Dalat.
First Don Á. F. Artime met the Daughters of Maria Ausiliatrice in Tam Ha; he greeted the migrant students of the school and spoke with the religious about the richness of communion in the Salesian Family. Then, after a brief flight, he reached the parish "Maria Ausiliatrice" in Lien Khuong, where he met with more than 500 members of the Salesian Family, in a festive animated encounter with dances, songs and cultural events. Only in the evening did the Rector Major reach the "Don Rua" community in Dalat, where he offered the thought of the Salesian "good night".
On the morning of Friday 24 February, the 10th Successor of Don Bosco had the second meeting with the Salesians. According to Don Á. F. Artime are these are the most important moments of his animation visits, and it can be calculated that in the first 3 years of the sexennium he met face to face already 7,200 Salesians.
There are many ideas offered during the meeting. On the theme of communication, the Rector Major recalled that "the Church in the world needs visibility, and we too, as a Congregation, need to make known the so much good that we do. It is important to give a hand to the action of Providence, but always with great humility ".
He then expressed great appreciation for the charismatic rooting of the Salesians of the province, with the presence of many Salesians Coaddiutors and many missionaries ad gentes.
From a future perspective, he said:"The most dangerous thing is to be satisfied with what has always been done in the past. (....) As Pope Francis repeats, attentive to the temptations of clericalism: grow as Salesians, generous and committed! (....) For the future it is necessary to think about new works in the North and different expressions of the educational mission ".
Finally, a special mention addressed it to the various Salesian parish priests present:"Do not be afraid that your parish may be profoundly Salesian - it is the desire of the Bishops and the Church! (....) Each of the more than 2200 Salesian parishes is entrusted to the Congregation and the local community, not personally to the parish priest. This Community responsibility is a guarantee of Salesian identity.
The Rector Major met about 1200 young people from Salesian works in the area.