Since 1994 the Fondazione Mediterraneo carried out an intense publishing and multimedia activity in many languages in order to promote, testify and spread shared values of different cultures in the Greater Mediterranean.  
Hundreds of volumes have been published in different thematic series of books by Fondazione's publishing house Magma and by other qualified publishing houses.

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Domenico D'alessandro. Edizioni Magma - FLM Napoli 1994 (it.) 13x21 - pp. 184 - ISBN 88-8127-001-3

Gaetano Filangieri ha la capacità di essere maestro senza ostentazione, di muovere le cose con la forza delle proprie idee, di insegnare con l'esempio della sua vita. Egli mette in pratica il suo assunto per cui: "Il filosofo deve essere l'apostolo della verità e non l'inventore dei sistemi". Il dire che: "tutto è detto è il linguaggio di coloro che non sanno cosa alcuna da produrre o che non hanno il coraggio di farlo". È convinto che "se i lumi che egli sparge non sono utili pel suo secolo e per la sua patria, lo saranno per un altro secolo e per un altro paese". Riesce ad essere "cittadino di tutti i luoghi, contemporaneo di tutte le età, l'universo è la sua patria, la terra e la scuola, i suoi contemporanei e i suoi posteri sono i suoi discepoli".

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Francesco Alberto Caracciolo. Edizioni Magma - FLM Napoli 1995 (it.) 13x21 - pp. 112 - ISBN 88-8127-002-1

Caracciolo in queste pagine vola, sfiorando scrive, descrive, spazia nell'universo, scende a picchiata. Taglia, recide la storia, gli uomini e le loro opere. Riprende il volo, sempre più in alto…nella speranza di scoprire la relatività del tutto. Percorre le vie della fantasia viaggiando nell'immensità del pensiero, traversando quella del creato. Il tutto si riscopre nelle dimensioni di Lilliput. La Divinità stessa è vista nell'immagine di un Dio che si rivela Dio di 120 universi soltanto. Emerge l'uomo che è nell'uomo. È una spinta a pensare, ad osare.

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Proceedings of the 5th Study-Meeting “Lorenzo Vivaldo”, Savona, 10-12 October 1997. VV.AA. edited by Michele Brodino, Edizioni Magma – FLM Napoli 1996 (It.), format 17x24, pp. 68 – ISBN 88-8127-024-2

This book gathers the proceedings of the Meeting organized through the general and scientific support of the International Association SECUM (Science, Education et Cultures en Méditerranée) and the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo. The reflection proposed starts from the analysis of the religious dimension as humanitas and, of course, from the presence of the three most widespread monotheistic religions in the Mediterranean region. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been present for centuries in the Mediterranean, but can we, men of the 21st century, affirm that there has been true and mutual knowledge and dialogue among these religions? Or have we just seen a lot of fights following one another, which have prevented us from knowing each other and having a dialogue as free men? These are the questions raised during the Meeting and to which the Catholic, Jewish and Muslim lecturers tried to give an answer.

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Predrag Matvejevic,pictures by Alberto Ramella, prologue by Czeslav Milosz, epilogue by Josif Brodskij, Edizioni Magma – FLM Naples 1995 (It.) format 17x24 – pp. 124, colour ill.  – ISBN 88-8127-004-8

A diary started with the war, grown up along with it as annotation. It is the book of an involved man, who talks with passion and reflection about the country where he was born and the people he had lived with; a book that develops, across the different chapters, from foreboded symptoms, uncertain worry, astonished incredulity towards unsatisfied search of remote and recent causes, trying to find an answer in the present time and an explanation in history that can enable us to understand the reason of such dullness and cruelty.

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Federico Bugno, preface by Predrag Matvejevic, postface by Adriano Sofri. Edizioni Magma – FLM Naples 1998 (It.) format 17x24 - pp. 258; ISBN 88-8127-018-8

The war in ex Yugoslavia and the dramatic Sarajevo siege related by one of the most important journalists. Federico Bugno, correspondent of the weekly magazine « L’Espresso », followed Balkans’ events all along – from Belgrade to Zagreb to Bosnia to Bihac to the Pope’s visit – and they are reported in this book in their original version, enriched with a series of notes, that re-examine these events « a posteriori », with the benefit of hindsight. And indeed the book shows clearly that, to a careful observer, the risks of a terrible and criminal conflict were evident since the beginning of the crisis.
In his articles, Federico Bugno denounces the passive attitude of the Great Western Powers and of the United Nations which had not been able to stop the war ; but, above all, he goes in search of the true Sarajevo, the city exalted by the cruel siege lasted 1,300 days and that the whole world has come to know. A city which has not been subdued by the war but has started to change (worsening) just with the start of the peace process, established by Dayton’s agreements.

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