Voci dal Mediterraneo (EN)

Proceedings of the International Meeting – Genoa – 16th – 17th February 1996. VV.AA: Edizioni Magma – FLM Napoli 1997 (It.), format 17x24 – pp. 128 – ISBN 88-8127-012-9

On February 16th and 17th 1996, the Regional Council of Liguria and the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo promoted the International Meeting “Voci dal Mediterraneo”. The most important writers from both sides of the Mediterranean, such as Ben Jelloun, Biamotti, Sanguineti, Djebar, Matvejevic’, Maggiani and so on, joined the meeting. In the end, the participants proposed the institution of a “Parliament of the Mediterranean Writers”: a place where voices “of” and “from” the Mediterranean could be regularly gathered. This book represents an important testimony concerning the value and the indispensability of the dialogue among different cultures, that the Mediterranean Laboratory Foundation has promoted, with its network, since its institution.

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