Rapporto su l'università (EN)

Nullo Minissi. Edizioni Magma - FLM Naples 1995 (it.) format17x24 - pp. 59 – ISBN 88-8127-005-6

The book provides an overview of the present state of Arts Faculties in order to track the political process which has led them to such condition. Besides the overall reasons and the four revolutions of contemporary culture which caused their crises everywhere, the author thinks that in the Italian case it is also necessary to take into account the influence, under the variety of laws and particular rules, of the constant and consistent application of some principles going back to the end of the Sixties, which had guided all university policies. From this point of view, provisions which seem not to be based on sound judgement, or even not making sense, appear reasonable in view of the predetermined aims. Crucial point and keystone of a political system which is now breaking up, the university has to change, at a time when students graduate in a really united Europe, since in the post-industrial society a Country without a widespread higher culture is bound to decline.

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