Salah Abou Seif (EN)

Catalogue of a cinematographic retrospective "Cinema according to Salah Abou Seif" AA.VV., Edizioni Magma - FLM Napoli 2002 (it./en.) format 21x21 - pp. 180 - ISBN 88-8127-032-3

The project CINEMAMED, co-ordinated and launched by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo, is an important contribution to the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. It is a triennial project and it aims to favour the development of co-operation between the EC and the countries of the Mediterranean in the cinematographic and audiovisual sector.
In fact, the cinema of the Mediterranean countries is an invaluable patrimony that deserves to be preserved by re-evaluating its nature and its function in the different contexts.
This retrospective of unedited works of Salah Abou Seif, the un disputed genius of Egyptian cinema, belongs to the directors who has so far been able to express the soul of Egypt with images.

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