MAMT||Museo Mediterraneo dell' Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (EN)

The MAMT- Mediterranean Museum of Art, Music and Traditions is an institution created by the Fondazione Mediterraneo with the aim “to experience” in an interactive way, the positive emotions of Our Sea through Arts, Music and Traditions. The MAMT is one of the most important initiatives of Fondazione Mediterraneo: an active space created in order to let communicate Arts, Music and Traditions of the Mediterranean contemporary society. The awareness of a past full of ancient traditions is the base for the construction of a rational and connected humanity: the vastness of the Mediterranean area collects together the responsibility, the hard work and intelligence with the ability to share spaces and cultures. Today, more than ever, the sense of future is given by the awareness of the sorrow, of the conflicts and at the same time by the ability to share joys and bond.
Art and Music are since ever the tool of communication and sharing of the humanity that, in a particular “Mediterranean” path, allows us to overtake the violence of the human being that showed itself in his greater brutality in countries as Bosnia, Palestine, Syria and other places: as testify of this there are Bosnia, in order not to forget and Suffering and Hope in the world, exhibitions of the museum.

At the same time there are symbols inviting to meeting and hope appear in lands of desolation and Hush: The Ferrigno Nativity Scene, the exhibition a Sea, three Faiths, the Peace and the Last Neapolitan Supper are part of the Museum.
Near the Totem of Peace and other works by Mario Molinari, sculptor of the color, accompanies the lonely journey of freedom, the Dreamlike World of John Crown and the desire of participation and recognition of the role of women in the Mediterranean in the exhibition “Breaking the Veils, women artists of Islamic World”.
Fado, Flamenco, Tango and Sirtaki, the Song of Naples, the Great Lyric Operas, Arabic Music and the Classics of all the times catch the attention of the audience with the acoustic perfection of the “Music hall” of the Museum.
The section dedicated to Pino Daniele has a particular meaning.
The warm of the Mediterranean human nature and the awareness of the necessity to keep track, the the wealth and the fertility find in the “Section Architecture” – with the Associated presences of Alvaro Siza, Ciamarra Picas, Vittorio Di Pace, Nicola Pagliara, Marco Introini and others - and in the Voices of the Migrants and other strong point.
The artworks of Pietro and Rino Volpe mark Mediterranean signs in which the culture and the literature merge with the creativity making a unique collection.
A collection of HD video about the most important sites of the Campania Region will accompany the tourists of cruises and the visitors in the whole building: the ground floor facing on Municipio Square will host an info-point unique in its kind. The MAMT is also an articulated system of services in the heart of the city of Naples: the library, the emeroteque, the music hall, salt conventions, the restaurants, the Euromedcafé, the residences and the bookshop receive the visitor with sympathy and enthusiasm: that enthusiasm of the Mediterranean!

Adelaide Cuciniello took part in the "Music for Peace" event held in the Museum of Peace - MAMT as part of the initiatives for peace in Ukraine and the rest of the world.
Among the other artists who performed were: Andrea Zepponi, Anna Corvino, Ciccio Merolla, Valentina Crimaldi Zurzolo.

On the occasion of the presentation of the book "Virginia Colombati maestra di belcanto", the participants visited the section of the museum dedicated to Pino Daniele and expressed their appreciation for the initiative and the motions received.
Sandro Pezzoli and Andrea Zepponi stayed in Pino Daniele's studio and were visibly impressed by the atmosphere and the songs played.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo decided to celebrate "International Women's Day" by dedicating it to Ukrainian women: innocent victims of a fratricidal war in the heart of Europe.
Throughout the day, the Museum's 107 large videowalls projected images of Ukrainian women whose dignity and lives had been violated.
So as not to forget what appears to be a tragedy of immense proportions.
President Capasso was moved and addressed the women present and those connected to the webinar:
"We want to dedicate this 8 March 2022 to the Ukrainian women who resist, who heal, who flee, who fight for life, who cry, who stand against Putin's war, who hope for Europe, who ask us to help them.
The images of Ukrainian women victims of the war flash before our eyes, now unaccustomed to this spectacle in the heart of Europe: thousands dead, hundreds of thousands displaced or exiled, cities and villages in ruins, bridges and buildings destroyed by cannon fire, monuments of culture or faith desecrated, violence and humiliation of all kinds, countless lives of simple people mutilated or torn apart forever. Human suffering cannot be summed up. Can one go beyond it?
This question is addressed at the same time to Russia, which has invaded Ukraine, but also to those who have done so little to stop this war in the heart of Europe.
What can we say, in the face of such a tragedy, of a UN unsuited to the changes in our world with bureaucratic rules and vetoes that prevent real peace action; of a NATO that has remained a prisoner of archaic defence models; of a European Union that cares so little for the rest of Europe except for economic needs and following the law of markets and merchants; of a Russia that is trying to take over from the former Soviet Union using force and violence, of all these games barely disguised by the great powers and their interests? Agreements constantly betrayed, pacts mocked and negotiators made ridiculous, international resolutions ignored, humanitarian convoys themselves becoming targets of deadly rage. Russia has provoked a war in the heart of Europe, against a 'brother-country': Ukraine. A European war that is being waged according to archaic and despotic criteria contrary to any logic. A morally illegitimate war with no legal basis. Above all, it is a war fought by causing humiliation, suffering, genocide, violations, planned and announced massacres, the victims of which are mainly women and children.
On this day we want to pay tribute to the women of Ukraine, to whom our thoughts and support go.
Let us once again throw a bottle into our sea with a common appeal to what is left of consciences on our shores".

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The Honourable Gianfranco Rotondi - member of the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies - visited the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT.
Welcomed by President Capasso, he expressed his appreciation for the Foundation's thirty years of activity for dialogue and peace in the Mediterranean and in the world.
On this occasion he hoped for a fruitful cooperation between the Sullo Foundation - which he presides - and the Fondazione Mediterraneo.

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