MAMT||Museo Mediterraneo dell' Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (EN)

The twenty-first anniversary is dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the death of the sculptor Mario Molinari.
Many students connected to the multimedia portal of the museum where - in the emotional path “Mario Molinari” - videos, images and, above all, the works of the “Sculptor of Color” so dear to young people are available. President Michele Capasso recalled the friendship with the Molinari family since 1995, the experience of the Biennial of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Turin, the "Totem of Peace" - which the Foundation with Pia and Jacopo Molinari is spreading all over the world - and the other monumental works that characterized the life of the great Turin sculptor.
A memory that joins other initiatives such as the next "Totem of Peace" on the island of Lampedusa, the monumental work "Concerto di parole" in Turin for "Artist's Lights 2020", initiatives for young people