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After 8 years of investigation, the candidacy of the Tunisian island of Djerba will be made official at the UNESCO Committee meeting on 1 February 2020.
It is the religious heritage of Djerba candidate to be registered in the World Heritage Site. The request starts right from the Tunisian Island, Mediterranean and Saharan at the same time, to bring to the eyes of the world a splendid example of coexistence of different faiths for millennia: Muslim, Jewish and Christian.

“Djerba is a crossroads of Mediterranean history - says President Capasso - and everyone on this 550 square-kilometer island has passed since the time of Homer: for this reason, artistic, cultural and religious testimonies are an integral part of this territory a unique heritage that reflects the different faiths: from the mosque to the Christian church, to the Ghriba Synagogue, one of the main indicators of identity of the Jews of Djerba, one of the Jewish communities still alive in the Arab world. But also a point of reference for the whole world. The importance of this triple presence, in perfect coexistence and with a respect that has been going on for millennia - concludes Capasso - constitutes an emblematic value of this testimony that comes from Tunisia, a country always devoted to respect for cultures and thoughts".

Concept reiterated to the Minister of Culture Mohamed Zine el-Abidine, who wanted to highlight the full collaboration with civil society and the academic world for the inscription of Djerba's Heritage on the "Unesco Heritage List".
On this occasion, videos of Djerba and, in particular, the spot for the UNESCO candidacy were shown in the large video walls of the Museum