Don Bosco||The Power of Love

The spirit of Don Bosco and the Salesians present in 132 countries of the world is renewed in the "Virtual Salesian Oratory" of the Museum of Peace - Mamt: a unique and fascinating experience through 12 emotional itineraries and a visit to the Chapel with the relic of the "Saint of Young People" At a difficult time in our history Don Bosco's message for young people and with young people is more relevant than ever and constitutes the antidote against all forms of radicalism and fundamentalism, helping young people to become "Producers of the future" and "Hunters of the positive". The virtual Salesian Oratory and the emotional paths "Don Bosco, Power of Love" are realized by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the General Direction Opere Don Bosco in collaboration with the South Salesian Province and the Salesians from all over the world.




At the conclusion of the "Annual vigil of prayer for Don Bosco", the young people of the Orators gathered in Piazza Municipio in front of the Museum of Peace - MAMT for the exhibitions of the various Orators and for the hymn of the young people of Don Bosco.
On this occasion Don Pasquale Cristiani, inspector for the southern Italy of the Salesians, and Fr Fabio Bellino, delegate to the youth ministry, announced the next opening of the section of the Museum of Peace dedicated to "DON BOSCO, THE POWER OF LOVE".

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The spirit of Don Bosco and the Salesians present in 132 countries of the world is renewed in the "Virtual Salesian Oratory" of the Museum of Peace - Mamt: a unique and fascinating experience through 12 emotional paths with the chapel dedicated to the "Saint of the Young".
The "Salesian Oratory virtual" includes videos, images, music, multimedia links and other hypertextual instruments with high technology 4k and aims to spread Don Bosco's work through a multimedia hub that contains the essential moments of the action carried out by Salesians in every part of the world: appreciated on several occasions by Pope Francis and unanimously recognized, especially by those who have lived the educational, human and social experience of the "Saint of the young".
The museum section - the title of which is "DON BOSCO, THE POWER OF LOVE" - is realized by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the General Direction of Salesians in collaboration with the Southern Province.
Don Pasquale Cristiani, inspector for the southern Italy of the Salesians, and Don Fabio Bellino, delegate to youth pastoral care, completed the emotional videos under the direction of President Michele Capasso.
The opening is scheduled for February 17,2017 and will be attended by the Rector Major Don ÁNGEL FERNANDEZ ARTIME.

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An ideal passage of witness, the "Totem of Peace" by Mario Molinari, took place on the occasion of the opening of the academic year 2016-2017 of the Pontifical Salesian University: In the sign of Antonino Caponetto.
On this occasion the President of the Senate Pietro Grasso - assignee of the Mediterranean prize for Legality 2013 - recalled his youth training at the Salesians of Palermo, urged young people not to give up in front of the difficulties of life and has Concluded by recalling the admonition of the Judge Antonino Caponetto - his master, - to keep "always the back upright".

Immediately after, connecting to the figure of Antonino Calvert and the foundation to him titrated-with which the Fondazione Mediterraneo is "Affratellata" - The President Michele Capasso has delivered the Mediterranean Prize 2016 "special Edition for Education To peace" to the major rector of the Salesians Don Ángel Fernández Artime and the Mediterranean Prize 2016 "bearer of peace" to the Rector Magnifico, Don Mauro Mantovani.


(ANS – Rome) – Michele Capasso, engineer-Neapolitan architect, has created over 500 works in various countries around the world. Ing. Capasso was strongly struck by the massacres against innocent victims in the territories marked by the war. It decides to suspend its activity and its professional commitment, first to help the people of the former Yugoslavia and, then, especially to build dialogue and peace. Today the "Mediterranean Prize 2016 – Special Edition for Peace Education" is delivered to the rector major, Don Ángel Fernández Artime.

How is the Fondazione Mediterraneo born?

The Mediterranean Foundation was founded more than 27 years ago, by the initiative of the Presidents of various countries, mainly interested in creating a space of peace, against war and against conflicts. From that moment we have committed ourselves to promoting dialogue through a thousand initiatives involving young people, children, women, migrants and education. Initiatives, these, based on concrete, as our motto reads: "To transform love for power, in the Power of Love".

Who receives this prize?

This award is for the sobriety, for the quality of the work, for the concreteness. The winners receive the prize if they do something for the common good; It was considered, after the Nobel Prize, the most important prize. They have received this award many personalities, in the religious field, Cardinal Etchegaray, Cardinal Martini, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, and many others, who have committed themselves to peace.

This award is a special prize. Why?

Every twenty years there must be a special edition of the prize, which foresees a theme not covered by the regulation, for which one chooses and seeks a personality that can prove to be the protagonist of that theme. With great joy and pleasure, finding also the sharing of the Arab and Islamic world, this prize, special Edition for Peace, was attributed to Don Ángel Fernández Artime, for what the Salesians have done in the world.

Why did you choose to give the prize to the rector major?

The Salesians participate in our commitment to peace, for dialogue. The people who work with us have entertained many relationships with the Salesians in the world. In These 27 years we have known the value of the work of the Salesians. Above all, we have enjoyed their humble commitment to young people, to those who need it. We want to follow the identity of doing. We want to be for what we do, not to be for what we say. The Salesians are the operative arm of that Christianity which applies the gospel every day.

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On the occasion of the ceremony of the academic year 2016-2017 of the Pontifical Salesian University, President Capasso was able to inaugurate, with the president of the Senate Pietro Grasso, the 2nd Volume of the "ALBO d'oro" of the Pontifical Salesian University.
Thanks to Don Mauro Mantovani, magnificent rector, to the rector major Don Angel Fernandez Artime and to all the Salesians in the world for their commitment to the education of young people and peace.
Before the ceremony the rector major D. Angel Fernandez Artime celebrated the mass in the Church of St. Mary of Hope.
The President Grasso held the inaugural titled "Educating the Legality and active and responsible citizenship".

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Mario Molinari's "Totem of peace" becomes the symbol of the Salesians of Don Bosco.
The rector major, Don Angel Fernandez Artime, in receiving the work of the sculptor Molinari on the occasion of the "Mediterranean Prize special edition 2016" attributed to him, emphasizes the importance of "positive", of living life with the "colors of hope, of Faith and Joy ".
In front of an audience of over 400 students of the Pontifical Salesian University confirms the topicality of the educational method of Don Bosco especially in the face of the great challenges of today's world.

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On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the "Mediterranean Prize" was held the ceremony of the award of the "Mediterranean Prize 2016 – Special Edition for the Education of Peace", attributed to the major rector of the Salesians, Don Ángel Fernández Artime, Grand Chancellor Of the UPS, in the presence of the President of the Senate Pietro Grasso.

Considered among the most significant internationally, the prize of the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" was awarded in previous editions to important personalities such as King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Hussein of Jordan, Presidents Anibal Cavao Silva and Abu Mazen, Leah Rabin, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem FouadTwal, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, and others.
In the motivations read by the president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Prof. Michele Capasso-who with Pia Molinari delivered the prize-reads:

"For the activity in favour of peace and concord among the peoples of the world, carried out by the Salesian family, especially in the places where the war rages: Here the Salesians are often the only point of reference for men and women belonging to different faiths. The rector major Don Ángel Fernández Artime is a true ' peacemaker '; With his role as guide and master of the entire Salesian family-the Salesians, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the cooperators-nourishes and spreads with humility and complicity the hope in the young people who have to confront life as ' hunters of the positive ' and Spreading the ' true ', the ' beautiful ' and the ' good ' as the foundation of civil, religious and social life. "

The major Rector expressed his gratitude on behalf of the whole Salesian family and Don Bosco for the prestigious recognition, considering it a "prize for the Future": even more imbued with the "Paul" for the Young, "Hunters of the positive".
The ceremony took place during the inauguration of the new academic year (2016-2017) of the Pontifical Salesian University (UPS), in the presence of a delegation of approximately 2000 students from 100 nations and ambassadors from various countries.
The prize awarded is the "Totem of Peace" by sculptor Mario Molinari.

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Was assigned to the Magnificent Rector of the Pontifical Salesian University, Don Mauro Mantovani, the Mediterranean Prize "bearer of Peace" 2016 for the role taken by the entire Pontifical Salesian University for the education of young people to peace and Coexistence among different peoples, in the perspective – according to the expressions of Pope Paul VI – of the "new humanism" and of the "Civilization of Love".

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