2022 (EN)

The presentation of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD was held at the Circolo Nautico in Torre del Greco: an international organisation founded in 1989 that includes States, Regions, Cities and civil society organisations with the aim of sharing knowledge to combat social injustice, wars, pandemics, resource dissipation and climate change.
The fundamental objective is the affirmation of freedom and equality through the application of fundamental human rights.
On this occasion, the Secretary General prof. arch. MICHELE CAPASSO addressed the topic: "THE UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD AND THE POSSIBLE REFLECTIONS ON THE CITY OF TORRE DEL GRECO".
Dr. Sandro Gambino, delegate member of the United States of the World, presented the "FARO" Cultural Association, one of the main objectives of which is to develop the proposal of Secretary General Capasso that is "a unique opportunity for Torre del Greco and Campania".
The Mayor of Torre del Greco Giovanni Palomaba said he was honoured by the proposal, assuring every intervention and collaboration to implement it.