2022 (EN)

Once again this year, the Foundation and its networks have organised direct meetings with various institutions at the Museum of Peace - MAMT to remember the victims of terrorism and massacres, opening the web platform to emotional paths dedicated to the Museum in the "Memories" section.
President Michele Capasso recalled the 44th anniversary of Aldo Moro's assassination, a day that since 2007 has coincided with the "Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism and Massacres".
"The tragedy to which the country was awakened on the morning of the discovery of Aldo Moro's lifeless body, inside a red Renault 4 parked in Via Caetani in Rome, will remain indelibly in the history of Italy," said President Capasso, speaking to young students present and connected via web.
Among the commemorations offered on the Museum's multimedia platforms, that of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who laid a wreath under Aldo Moro's tombstone in Via Caetani.
and then live with Montecitorio and the commemorations of Presidents Casellati and Fico.