2022 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT celebrated the "52nd World Earth Day" with the theme "INVESTIAMO PER IL PIANETA" (WE INVEST IN THE PLANET) via the web and with numerous initiatives: videoconferences, links, chats and - above all - the sending of 1,000 copies of the book "Questa nostra buona terra" (This good earth of ours) published in 2014 by the Fondazione and written by Sister Maria Pia Giudici, who died on 20.02.2020 on the very day that the coronavirus spread in Italy.
Through high-quality multimedia videos, a gift of the World Heritage Museum, it was possible to take a virtual journey across the five continents, giving voice to the people who daily guard our common home, living and fighting for the protection and recognition of the rights of each people in every corner of the Earth.
In a world that is too often crushed by the European interpretation of the environment and its functions, the commitment of organisations and realities emerges which, by establishing positive relationships with nature, protect the original peoples who have always preserved the lungs of the earth. They fight together with those who daily commit themselves to serving and promoting the conservation of the Amazonian forests or the Congo forest.
Caring for these peoples means caring for the entire ecosystem, the world, our common home.
The interrelationship between the peoples of the earth is clear, the interdependence that makes us protagonists of a common destiny, which depends on the actions of men and women in every corner of the planet. With delicate ferocity, it is current events that reveal to us the subtle but constant link that makes us all part of and creators of the future of our planet.
One people sharing one planet.
The virtual journey of the Museum of Peace - MAMT allows us to listen to those who protect the earth on a daily basis to protect each one of us.
President Michele Capasso retraced the steps of his commitment to the earth: at the age of 16, on 22 April 1970, he took part in the first edition of World Earth Day. For half a century, his commitment has seen him spread the alarm about the conditions of our common home, as evidenced by hundreds of reports and publications.
As a reminder for Sister Maria Pia Giudici below is President Michele Capasso's preface to the volume "Questa nostra buona terra".
On this occasion, "THE APPEAL FOR THE UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD" was presented.