2022 (EN)

The United Nations "Anti-Personnel Mine Day" was celebrated at the Museum of Peace.
About 100 million anti-personnel mines are scattered around the world, on which thousands of people continue to die every year, and the numbers, which until 2013 were decreasing, have been increasing again since 2014. To commemorate this scourge, which continues to claim victims, especially civilians and children, who, if they do not die, remain martyred and mutilated as well as psychologically devastated - around 20,000 people a year - 4 April has been declared by the United Nations to be the International Day against Anti-Personnel Mines, but also against Cluster bombs, Ieds, Valmara, and the 'Green Parrot'.
Afghanistan has the highest number of victims, followed by Colombia, Angola, the former Burma, Pakistan, Syria, Cambodia and Mali. In Europe, Bosnia is the country most plagued by mines, which were laid during the 1992-95 war and are still scattered over 2% of the territory and whose clearance will not be completed until 2025.
Michele Capasso, Secretary General of the United States of the World, commented: "A disgrace to humanity".