2022 (EN)

The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso, the Director of the Museum of Peace Pia Molinari and other members of the institution took part in the event "Cities stand with Ukraine", organised by the Municipality of Naples as part of the initiative of Eurocities, an organisation comprising the mayors of the main European cities.
The sun of Naples like that of Odessa, the Ukrainian coastal city where the most famous Neapolitan song in the world was composed: 'O Sole Mio'. Its notes resounded on the sunny Saturday morning in Piazza Municipio, in front of the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Peace Museum, at the foot of the "Totem for Peace", symbol of the United States of the World.
Many associations wanted to show their solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their longing for peace, including Arci, Anpi and Acli.
The mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, and his councillors did the honours.
After hugging the Ukrainian consul Maksym Kovalenko, present in the square with his wife and two children, Manfredi asked for "clear rules" on reception: "We expect clear indications from the Ministry of the Interior and the Region on the organisational front. Let's think about the issue of the reception of minors. We have a large number of minors arriving, many of whom are unaccompanied. This is followed by the issue of school integration. These are two critical aspects that need to be defined quickly".
Gilda Sportiello and Alessandro Amitrano, MPs, but above all the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, and the party leader, Giuseppe Conte, were also present in the square. "We must be able to find a way to peace. In these conditions - Fico proposed - everyone has to give up something. I am convinced that an immediate ceasefire is needed and that Moscow must recognise Kiev's independence and constitution. And that Kiev starts to speak about permanent neutrality with respect to NATO.  Then we can address the subsequent issues. But we need to start with the building blocks that lead to peace".
On war, President Capasso recalled the thirty-year commitment of the Fondazione Mediterraneo for peace, the Appeal launched a few weeks ago and signed by thousands of people in the world: "Only the United States of the World will be able to ensure serenity by fighting pandemics and avoiding wars. One problem is the lack of competent Statesmen with a sense of the Common Good".
The event concluded with a tour of the square in front of the Museum of Peace by citizens and institutional and political authorities, unrolling a red banner at least forty metres long, to symbolise "the blood spilt uselessly because of violence, in this case an ignominious war".