2021 (EN)

The Deputy Mayor of Naples, Prof. Mia Filippone, made her first institutional visit after her very recent appointment (wearing the tricolour sash for the first time) visiting the Museum of Peace - MAMT, on the occasion of the recognition ceremony of the Totem for Peace by the sculptor Molinari as a symbol of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD.
Accompanied by the Head of Ceremonies, Dr. Umberto Zoccoli, and the Communications Officer of the City of Naples, Velia Cammarano, the Deputy Mayor spoke with the various ambassadors present at the event and with ministers and representatives of various countries.
At the end of the ceremony - after having watched part of the video of the thirtieth anniversary of the Fondazione Mediterraneo - she expressed her appreciation for the initiative, for the Museum of Peace and for President Michele Capasso, who has been committed to dialogue and peace in the Euro-Mediterranean region and in the world for over thirty years and to the relaunching of Naples in the international arena.