2021 (EN)

The online channels in three languages ​​were activated on "Youtube" concerning the "LA CAMPANIA DELLE EMOZIONI" program, co-financed by the Campania Region under the 2014-2020 ERDF (SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 3.3. - ACTION 3.3.2 - CUP B62I18000620007).
The inauguration is scheduled for June 14, 2021.
In addition to being accessible "online" on the platform of the Museum of Peace - MAMT, on 3 youtube channels and on the FB page, in 2 immersive rooms - with large video walls and interactive screens - specially set up on the ground floor of the Peace Museum - MAMT will be possible enjoy 36 emotional videos on the great attractions of the Campania Region in high definition 4K and with “Bose” surround sounds: from Vesuvius to Paestum; from Cilento to Pompeii; from the Certosa di Padula to Baia; from Herculaneum to Cuma; from Capri to Ischia and Procida; from Naples to Salerno, Benevento Avellino, Caserta; from the Amalfi Coast to the Sorrento Coast; from the Mediterranean diet to the art of the pizza maker