2023 (EN)

The United States of the World and the Fondazione Mediterraneo collaborated and participated in the Anti-Mafia Summit on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the "Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto", a founding member of the United States of the World.
The Caponnetto Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary with an event, held on Saturday 17 June at the Biblioteca delle Oblate in Florence, Sala Sibilla Aleramo, entitled "What changes in 2023 in the fight against the Mafia. Commitments and perspectives. Dedicated to Nazzareno Bisogni". A summit, open to the public, was attended by numerous representatives of the anti-mafia movement.
"An important anniversary for the Caponnetto Foundation," said Deputy Mayor Alessia Bettini, "which for 20 years has been doing great work not only in analysing data, but also in raising awareness among young people to promote the culture of legality.
"We are 30 years on from the Georgofili massacre, said the Secretary-General of the United States of the World Michele Capasso, "and we must always remember that the mafias are still there: it is necessary to continue to be vigilant and to transmit the culture of respect for the rules, without ever being indifferent. It is very nice that the public initiative of the Caponnetto Foundation is taking place at the Oblate library, a place of culture, social presidium and democratic and critical citizenship. Because when there is knowledge there is always attention, vigilance and awareness".
"After 20 years of the Foundation's foundation, we have decided to return to Florence with our usual anti-mafia summit. Today,' stressed Caponnetto Foundation president Salvatore Calleri, 'it is more important than ever to understand the mafia and the 2.0 perspectives of the fight against the mafia in our country, at a time when the PNRR funds are arriving, of which 2 billion in the Florentine metropolitan area, and when the mafia, let us not forget, invoices 18 billion in Tuscany, 230 billion in Italy and has a treasure trove of three thousand billion in Ivan-less banks around the world".
"The fight against the mafia," added former anti-mafia investigative directorate Renato Scalia, "must be constant and daily. Certain hesitations cannot be tolerated, such as widening the mesh of public tenders, trying to limit controls, further weakening telephone tapping, and other measures that make the fight against mafia-type crime less effective".
"Thirty years after the Via dei Georgofili massacre in a historical period in which the mafia has changed and at the same time become modern and tribal, on the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Caponnetto Foundation," added the president of the Equal Opportunities, Peace, Human Rights, International Relations and Immigration Commission, Donata Bianchi, "the Foundation has decided to hold an extraordinary anti-mafia summit, the 32nd, with the prospective title: 'What changes in 2023 in the fight against the mafia. Commitments and perspectives'. Historically, the summit was created to bring together anti-Mafia minds and to establish the best strategies to combat the mafia'.
"An important 20-year anniversary, continued the President of the Commission for Policies for the Promotion of Legality and Urban Sustainability Alessandra Innocenti, 'for the role played by the Caponetto association, which bears the name of a magistrate we will never forget for his strength and his desire to defeat Cosa Nostra with his valuable investigations.
It is an association that seeks to keep a high profile on a phenomenon that unfortunately has not been defeated, but rather has changed its type of action and is no longer only relegated to certain Italian regions, but is also present in our region. The association, with its reports that help to understand the phenomenon of organised crime and its projects dedicated to schools, keeps attention high, which we must never lower, in order to strongly guarantee legality. It was a good choice to hold the summit at the Oblate Library, where two rooms were recently named after Dario Capolicchio and Giovanna Maggiani Chelli, mafia victims. In conclusion, said Alessandra Innocenti, have a good life Caponnetto Foundation".