2023 (EN)

Gianmarco Finizio, aka "Guasto", visited the Museum of Peace and, in particular, the section dedicated to Pino Daniele.
He was born in Naples in 1990 and started playing the guitar and writing songs when he was very young, in middle school, attending an experimental music class.
Between one job and another as animator in villages, delivery 'on a non-electric bike!', live performer in various clubs, he began to self-produce his first tracks, together with DJ Fabio Stingo, with whom he began a techno/funk auteur musical journey.
So far he has released two singles, the first one "In what sense?", produced by Mauro Spenillo (aka Socio M), who, after discovering him, involved Antonio De Carmine Principe in the project, with whom they produced the second single "Che c'hai d'accendere?" (NyNa City 91 record / Artist First).
"Funkyland" is Guasto's new single, available on the radio and digitally. The song is a tale that takes us on a journey on a planet made up of grooves, rhodes, fender bass and guitar, synths, strings, recalling sounds of a well-defined style, amidst various famous musical quotations where we find George Benson, Bee Gees, Diana Ross, EWF, Kool and the Gang, passing by Jovanotti and breathing in some Neapolitan atmospheres close to Pino Daniele. As well as being a tribute to some of the giants of this style of music, the song projects us into that wonderful ideal land, where we can take refuge, dance and dance in complete freedom 'in this shabby reality'.
He was among the winners of "Area Sanremo" 2020.
At the Museum in the Vesuvius room, some of Pino's songs were played.