2020 (EN)

From the wounds of the pandemic to a new model of quality of life. On the occasion of the 31st edition of the survey on the Italian provinces, Il Sole 24 Ore proposed a laboratory of ideas on relaunching the territories after the health emergency. “The future of cities beyond the pandemic” is the theme around which public administrators and experts in urban innovation and social policies met. The leitmotif of the debate was the new priority agenda generated by the Covid-19 crisis: health and culture, digitalization and big data, sustainable mobility and smart working, rethinking of urban centers and proximity services in neighborhoods.
President Michele Capasso participated in the webinar event highlighting "how an interconnected world requires coordinated management, united visions but respectful of diversity. Science continues to decipher ever new forms of bonds and connections - outside, in the Fourth Environment - and also inside our planet. The human adventure, that of homo sapiens, took off a few tens of thousands of years ago with the so-called "cognitive revolution" which gave rise to collaborations and common phenomena.

Today we know - said Capasso - that all living beings have deep ties, both among themselves and with other forms of coexistent life. Plants are interconnected, messages and warnings are sent. So the birds in their flocks, the fish in their schools. Matter itself in its deep structure, the same forces and energy fields that sustain it ignore the barriers between organic and inorganic. These bonds are not exclusive to categories, systems or groups: they dialogue, condition, intertwine. At the basis of the creativity of Sapiens there is not self-centeredness, but collaboration: the future of humanity will be played on this"