2020 (EN)

The tenth anniversary of the construction of the monumental work "TOTEM OF PEACE" in Rutino was celebrated with a webinar ceremony in Naples, Marrakech and Rutino.
On 7 August 2010 the president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso, the late mayor of Rutino Michele Voria and Mrs Pia Molinari inaugurated the monumental work "Totem of Peace" by the sculptor Mario Molinari.
The work, 16 meters high, was built next to the church with the contribution of the whole country and was the first in the world of this size.
The ceremony was attended by political, cultural and religious personalities of the Euro-Mediterranean countries.
Danilo Amerio with Antonio Voria performed in a concert in honor of the "Totem of Peace".
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the Scientific Committee for the Totem of Peace approved the title of the work to the late mayor Michele Voria who was the first promoter and architect of the construction of the monumental work in Rutino