2020 (EN)

The president of the Mediterranean Foundation Michele Capasso and the architect Vincenzo Latina - recipient of the "Mediterranean City of Dialogue Award 2020" paid tribute to the Totem of Peace with the urn of the unknown migrant located in the Port of Naples, in the center of the Maritime Station and in the square dedicated to the Coast Guard.
On this occasion, also in the name of the Island of Lampedusa, olive branches from the island were laid: an ideal bond which was strengthened also in consideration that the relics of migrants contained in the urn of the "Totem of Peace" in the Port of Naples (inaugurated by Pope Francis on 21 March 2015) were brought by the Commander of the Coast Guard of Lampedusa.
The architect Vincenzo Latina adhered to the proposal to create a similar monumental work within the project he developed for the recovery of the Lampedusa quarries