2020 (EN)

In full compliance with the rules of distancing and protection for Covid 19, the award ceremony of the "Mediterranean Award 2020" was held at the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples, which inaugurated the celebratory activities for the thirtieth anniversary of the Fondazione Mediterraneo .
Recognized among the most important awards thanks also to the quality of the juries representing 43 Euro-Mediterranean countries, this edition of the Award hosted the award ceremony of the biennial "Architecture and City" Award promoted by the Cenacle of culture and science.
The prizes were awarded to Carlo Cuomo Associati for the refurbishment of the Santa Teresa beach in Salerno, with which he created a hinge anchored to the city and facing the sea and the profile of the maritime station designed by Zaha Hadid Architects: the success of he work is attested by the great attendance of the place by the people.
The juries had the power to assign special mentions at their discretion. The Sicilian work of Emanuele Fidone was awarded for "Architecture and city" who, between Ortigia and Modica, works on the edges, light, voids and matter, weaving relationships with the surrounding urban setting; Michelangelo Pugliese's work on the largely Calabrian landscape, who through nature always seeks a mending of the existing openings, redesigning the topography of the ground and restoring public spaces to the community; the work that Angelo Verderosa's studio has been carrying out for years for the recovery of the village of Cairano in Upper Irpinia, offering a concrete response to the theme of the regeneration of inland areas that is being talked about (perhaps too much and only) in Italy today.
Among those present the president of the Order of Engineers of Naples prof. Edoardo Cosenza, the members of the jury, the winners, prof. Massimo Pica Ciamarra - creator of the Award - and representatives of the academic, artistic and cultural world of the Mediterranean.
The artist Ciccio Merolla performed in a concert of "Music for Peace"