2020 (EN)

"On April 18, 1990 the Neapolitan editorial staff of "La Repubblica" was born.
On 9 May 1990 the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" was born in Naples.
Thirty years together.
An opportunity to recognize the value of independent, free, responsible information. An opportunity to tell a challenge for the Euro-Mediterranean partnership when nobody spoke or dealt with the Mediterranean and few supported the urgency of reaching the "United States of Europe": the Foundation immediately worked to develop a sensitivity for a effective integration between the two shores of Our Sea ".
These are the words of a message sent by President Michele Capasso to Ottavio Ragone, head of the Neapolitan editorial staff of "La Repubblica", also on behalf of the members of the Foundation, the representatives of the participating networks and the coordinators of the offices in the various countries.

"The two anniversaries - reads the message - occur in a difficult moment in world history, characterized by the health emergency due to the" crown virus "pandemic and by a paradox: the" cure "of this" disease "is exactly specular to our very "social disease" itself. We have been "affected" by our own disease of living, which has led us here: we are "united" if we isolate ourselves; it is the amplification of the desert that we created and built.
Thirty years ago the slogan of the Fondazione Mediterraneo was "All together to transform love for power into the power of love". Today it is still powerfully current - concludes President Capasso - and examples such as the Neapolitan editorial staff of "La Repubblica" are fundamental to ensuring "clean journalism" a leading role in the difficult process of reconstruction by assigning the complex generations of hunters to the younger generations of the positive and producers of our future ".