2019 (EN)

A rich week of meetings ended in Abu Dhabi (7-10 December 2019), capital of the United Arab Emirates, where some of the most famous international networks of Muslim scholars gathered.
The initiative is organized by the World Council of Islamic Communities (World Muslim Communities Council WMCC), chaired by Ali Rashid Nuaimi (UAE).
The event ended with the ceremony of signing the Charter for a new alliance of virtues.
Among the promoters, signatories and participants:
Shaykh AbdAllah bin Bayyah (Mauritania), Cardinale John Onaiyekan (Nigeria), Rabbi David Rosen (UK), Mufti Shawki Allam (Egitto), Pastor Bob Roberts (USA), Rabbi Bruce Lustig (USA), Imam Mohamed Magid (USA), Vescovo Efraim Tendero (WEA, Filippine), Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (USA), Shaykh Mustafa Ceric (Bosnia), Mohammed Elsanousi (USA), Rabbi Reuven Firestone (USA), Muhammad Bechari (France), Minister Noor al-Haqq Qadri (Pakistan), Minister Mirghani Husayn (Sudan), Imam Yahya Pallavicini (Italy), Mufti Grabus (Slovenia), Mustafa Cherif (Algeria), Muhammad Mestaoui (Tunis), Muhammad Sammak (Libano), Ahmad Albakri (Singapore).
On the sidelines of the event an appeal was launched for the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples, where there is a significant Mosque and other religious places consecrated for a constructive interreligious and intercultural dialogue.
President Capasso highlighted the collaborative relationships with the UAE and, in particular, with Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi