2019 (EN)

Rome like London and Paris. Thousands of kids, but not only, took to the streets in Rome for the #FridaysforFuture event. The big global protest against climate change. All united with the cry of "Save the planet".
The young and now famous Swedish activist Greta Thunberg set the crowd on fire. The 16 year old recalled once again that time is running out. In 11 years we will see a breakdown of the irreversible climate. "The problem is the same everywhere: nothing has been done to reverse the situation. We have been on strike for the last six months, but nothing has changed, "said Greta." Emissions are increasing, there is no change in sight. We will have to keep fighting, it will take not weeks or months, but years. We don't sacrifice ourselves for nothing. We are changing the world. When we are old we will know that we have struggled to change the world and will continue to fight to the end ", he continued.
On the road or riding dozens of bicycles to produce the energy needed to run Greta's microphone. The important thing is to be aware that "Climate change means human extinction", and that the world is not a bank. The protest was aimed not only against incinerators, bad waste disposal and pollution. It was also a warning to politicians, who according to activists do nothing to stop this "ecological catastrophe".
2019 ranks third among the hottest years on the planet, with an average first quarter temperature on the surface of the Earth and oceans higher by 0.90 degrees than the average of the twentieth century (according to data from the National Climatic Data Center).
President Capasso intervened by finding the sharing of dear friends, such as Don Giadio De Biasio, parish priest of Roccamonfina, among the few religious present.