2019 (EN)

The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarealla wanted to honor the Fondazione Mediterraneo by inviting President Michele Capasso to the 13th COTEC Europe Symposium and to the official lunch held in the Royal Palace of Naples in the presence of the King of Spain, Felipe VI, of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I° of Spain and of the President of the Republic of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.
At the San Carlo theater in Naples, the 13th Cotec Europa Symposium - the annual institutional meeting between the Foundations for Innovation of Italy, Spain and Portugal for the competitive development of Mediterranean Europe - has emphasized the evolution of role and strategic structure of the Public Administration in light of the introduction and dissemination of new digital technologies. The central theme of the 2019 Symposium was "PA 4.0: Rethinking the Public Administration for a Digital World".
The proceedings opened with speeches by Jorge Barrero, COTEC Spain General Director, Jorge Portugal, COTEC Portugal General Director, Claudio Roveda, COTEC Italy General Director.
During the meeting the following took the floor: Rogelio Velasco, Head of the Department of Economics, Culture, Industry and University of the Andalusian Regional Government; Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, Professor at the University of Coimbra and former Minister for Public Administration Modernization; Luca Attias, Extraordinary Government Commissioner for the implementation of the Digital Agenda; a group of Roman high school students who participated in a competition announcement organized by the University Federico II of Naples.
The 13th edition of the Symposium closed with the speeches by the King of Spain, the President of the Portuguese Republic and the President of the Italian Republic, Honorary Presidents of the three COTEC Foundations, introduced by the President of COTEC Italy, Luigi Nicolais.
President Capasso thanked President Mattarella and met with King Felipe VI and Juan Carlos I of Spain, to whom he is linked by a long friendship.