2019 (EN)

Following the meeting and the workshops held in Pollica (Salerno) on 17 September 2018, the MD.net project organizes the Living Labs, to work on the four themes identified by the stakeholders during the event.
Citizens, artists, researchers, technicians, companies and the public sector come together in each Living Lab to integrate their skills and knowledge, exploring ideas, tools and technologies that can address the issues raised. The final objective is to identify and co-design five pilot actions for the creation of innovative and creative companies.
The Living Lab "Tale of the DM" focused on the contribution of Cilento women to the development of innovation and creativity of traditional MD products.
The meeting was held Friday, March 15, in the Palazzo Di Lorenzo, Ceraso (Salerno).
The Campania Region Councilor Chiara Marciani, the general director for social policies Nadia Caragliano and the coordinator of the Carmela Cotrone project took part.
Michele Capasso - president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, associate partner of the project - underlined the importance of consolidating the results and making them lasting over time: to this end, he offered the site and multimedia equipment of the Peace Museum - MAMT to promote the Mediterranean Diet in all its aspects, in order to ensure a reference site at the international level.