2019 (EN)

The seventh edition of "IMUN - Naples" was held in Naples - at the headquarters of the Peace Museum - MAMT and in collaboration with Fondazione Mediterraneo - the largest simulation of diplomatic processes organized in Campania with the participation of more than 400 Italian high school students.
The Model United Nations are simulations of the General Assembly of the United Nations or of other multilateral bodies, in which students engage and deepen the themes of the international political agenda, wearing ambassadorial and diplomatic roles. In fulfilling this role, "delegate" students carry out the typical activities of diplomacy: they hold speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts and learn to move within committees by adopting UN rules of procedure.
The work took place in English and saw the participation of students from all over Campania, as well as from several foreign schools.
The president Michele Capasso presented on this occasion the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the "World Peace Forum".