2018 (EN)

The summit of the Southern European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Malta) was held in Rome, in Villa Madama.
"If I had to summarize the spirit that unites us is that we are decidedly pro-European countries", this summit "is not characterized by separating ourselves from the rest of Europe but by discussing, reasoning and making proposals for the benefit of the EU because we believe in the future of the EU". Premier Paolo Gentiloni said this at the summit of Villa Madama among the seven Mediterranean countries of the EU. "Europe's demand for Europe at global level and the positive moment for all European economies is the right time to make an effort for greater European cohesion", said the President of the Council, underliningthat the Med-7 meeting "wants to reduce the differences between North and South Europe, between East and West": "the time to do so is now when the economic situation allows investment in the future"."After a decade of economic crisis, Europe has started to grow again, during the difficulties it has developed new tools for governance and strengthened its capacity to react to global challenges". This is stated in the final document of the summit of the countries of Southern Europe, according to which now "Europe is stronger, but much remains to be done".
"The management of migration flows will be a key challenge for the EU in the coming years. Southern European countries are particularly worried and affected, as they are at the forefront of the EU's borders. Our fundamental role in border protection and the weight of this task must be recognised and shared by the EU, "says the summit's final document.
We need to take the necessary steps to complete monetary and economic union in order to ensure sustainable and balanced growth, "the final text of the summit says. The seven leaders stress that "completing the banking union is a priority". Popular consultations throughout Europe from next spring to hear citizens about the future of the European Union. It is the proposal launched by the leaders of the countries of the South that in the final document of the summit in Rome make their own the proposal of the French president Emmanuel Macron. Yes also to the transnational lists for the European Parliamentelections, convinced that this could "strengthen the democratic dimension of the Union". The leaders of the Med-7 countries "reaffirm their support for a viable agreement in Cyprus that brings together Cyprus and its people, and that guarantees the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Cyprus, without the need for guarantees. The Republic of Cyprus is and remains a member of the EU, and being part of the EU is the best guarantee for a reunified Cyprus,"says the final document of the Med-7 Summit in Villa Madama. The next summit of the seven southern European Union countries will take place in Cyprus.