2018 (EN)

Common places of the mafia and investments in the world of works of art: these were the issues addressed in the XXV National Anti-Mafia Summit held on Saturday, December 1 in Florence and in Bagno a Ripoli. Organized by the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafia (OMCOM), Fondazione Mediterraneo, the Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation, the Tuscan Journalists' Association and Euromedia, the summit has now become a consolidated event in the fight panorama to the mafia and to crime.
On Saturday morning, from 9 to 12, at the CRF Auditorium in Florence, a training course for journalists was held entitled "Crime investments in works of art": Claudio Loiodice, a criminologist and expert in international recycling, met , Nicola Candido, colonel commander of NO Carabinieri T.P: C., Claudio Metzger, historian and consultant, lawyer. Lavinia Savini, expert in intellectual property law and art market law and Senator Giuseppe Lumia, former president of the Parliamentary Commission. The TG1 journalist Daria Mondini moderated the debate.
In the afternoon, from 3 pm, in Bagno a Ripoli, the veritable summit was held, centered on the theme "A death every now and then, the clichés on the mafia".
The National Anti-Mafia Summit was chaired by Salvatore Calleri, president of the Caponnetto Foundation, and Victoria Allegra Boga. The best exponents of the Mafia among investigative journalists, law enforcement officials, magistrates, sociologists, art experts, anti-money laundering experts and politicians have intervened.
In the afternoon the prizes were awarded:

  • Omcom-Sbirro: Gen.le Giuseppe Vadalà, Cap. Davide Colangeli and Sost. Comm. Fabrizio Giacalone;
  • Omcom-Inconvenient: Ciro Troiano, Grandangolo Agrigento, Franco Castaldo;
  • Omcom - Creativity: Edoardo Ceragioli
  • An anomalous book: "A dead person from time to time" by Paolo Borrometi, “La mafia é buona” by Paolo Chiariello and Catello Maresca, “Caccia agli invisibili” by Carmine Gatti (idea) and Francesco Romeo.