2018 (EN)

At the Museum of Peace - MAMT was celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the ACADEMY OF THE MEDITERRANEAN: the prestigious bodies that includes almost one hundred Academies and Institutes of high culture.
Present personalities from the academic, scientific and cultural world of the various Mediterranean countries.
On this occasion the many activities carried out over twenty years have been retraced and the video has been presented by the Academy of the Mediterranean: a resource for peace.

01. The creation
02. The constitution
03. The aims
04. Members, organs and committees
05. The structure
06. Headquarter
07. Offices
08. Bureaux
09. Results and occupational growth
10. Activities
11. Premio Mediterraneo
12. The Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo and the other institutions
13. The projects of internationalisation of Southern Italy
14. A resource for Southern Italy: integrated projects for development in the Regions, 1st objective
15. The Maison de la Méditerranée