2018 (EN)

At the Museum of Peace - MAMT, Sala Vesuvio, the interesting conference on the theme "Help and Healing by Spirit" was held, held by Dr. Hans Maier and organized by the Specialized Medical-Scientific Group (MWF) of the "Circle for Natural Help in Life "(international non-denominational and non-profit association that follows the path drawn by Bruno Gröning to achieve psychophysical wellbeing, the joy of living, the harmony with oneself and the environment).
A different look at the origins of health, illness and addictions, through the teachings of a German layman, Bruno Gröning (Gdansk 1906-Paris 1959).
A precious opportunity to learn about this path of spirituality, including through live testimonies, carefully verified by the staff of the MWF, which includes doctors, psychologists, veterinarians and naturopaths, on a voluntary and free basis.
The figure of Bruno Gröning, a layman with a profound spirituality, was known in post-war Germany. His numerous and striking healings were also documented by the press of the time.
For the commitment to promoting peace and tolerance, in 2013 the "Circle" was awarded, at the UN headquarters, with the "Peace Pole" by the World Peace Prayer Society, a non-governmental organization.
Without opposing official medicine, this international team tries to bring out the points of convergence between spirituality and medical science.