2018 (EN)

A joint delegation of the Arab Republic of Egypt - led by Mohamed Abou El Enein and the Ambassador of Egypt in Italy Hisham Mohamed Moustafa Badr and composed of Arab parliamentarians and journalists - and of the Republic of Tunisia - led by Consul General Beya Ben Abdelbaki Fraoua - paid tribute to the TOTEM DELLA PACE with the urn of the Unknown Migrant in the Port of Naples by placing a laurel wreath.
Present were representatives of various countries, of the Port Authority of Naples, of the Salesian Family, of the FMA Sisters and of the “Federazione Anna Lindh Italia onlus”.
The parish priest of Ottaviano with a representation of the religious community recited the prayer of the migrant, shared by the Muslim representatives of the participating Campania communities with their associations to the “Federazione Anna Lindh Italia”.