2018 (EN)

The "Second Italy-Africa Conference" was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Farnesina).
Three hundred and fifty delegates representing 46 African countries and 13 international organizations, including the African Union.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo expresses its satisfaction with this important initiative which represents an important moment of structured dialogue between Italy and the states of the African continent.
President Mattarella said in his speech that "The main objective for the future depends on the ability to work together to go beyond the logic of emergence, governing the phenomenon, removing the root causes".
President Capasso underlined the need to structure a stable partnership between Italy and the African countries in order to create more actions capable of training young people in Africa: "In the near future - said Capasso - Italy, following the path of aging of its population, it will need migrants capable of assuming operational roles in society: the challenge is to know how to train and integrate them by abandoning the concept of "tolerance" to assume that of "coexistence".