2018 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo participated as an associate partner in the launch event of the European territorial cooperation project "MD.NET - MEDITERRANEAN DIET: WHEN BRAND MEET PEOPLE”.
Scope of the project is to consolidate an international network aimed at exploiting the Mediterranean Diet cultural identity to promote local actions of social cohesion and sustainable development. The transnational cooperation in the production chain ofthe MD will mainly serve to create new businesses and stimulate creativity and innovation in traditional crafts and productions, while providing contributions and good practices in maintaining ecological balance.
The partnership will implement sharing economy initiatives by integrating local working groups of young entrepreneurs, public bodies, associations with actors in scientific research and international partnerships.
The meeting provided the opportunity to bring together international partners with associated partners and actors from Campania, presenting the objectives, the state of the art and the work to be done in Cilento for the next four years of the project.
The president Michele Capasso coordinated the "Workshop 1 - The story of the Mediterranean diet".