2018 (EN)

"My thoughts go today to Antonio Stanzione, Matteo Bertonati, Gerardo Esposito and Giovanni Battiloro: the 4 young people of Torre del Greco - the city where I was born - who died from the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa.
To the excruciating pain and to the closeness with the Prayer to the families must be added a reflection on the disasters that our humanity makes every moment, in every place and in all the disciplines.
Only the profound assumption of a new ethics based not on profit but on the quadrinomial COMPETENCE - RESPONSIBILITY - PASSION - SOLIDARITY can avoid the repetition of these tragedies and nourish in young people a new hope able to make them HAPPINESS OF POSITIVE! ".
These are the words of President Capasso on the occasion of the funeral of the young victims of the Morandi bridge coming from Torre del Greco.