2018 (EN)

Palermo says goodbye to Rita Borsellino with a long applause at the end of the funeral.
The church 'Madonna della Provvidenza-Don Orione' has been filled with the function for the sister of the magistrate killed in the massacre in Via D'Amelio, who died on August 15th at the age of 73 after a long illness.
So many ordinary people, but also representatives of institutions and the political world arrived for the final farewell.
Accompanied by a very long applause the message that Claudio, son of Rita, gave to all those who attended the funeral: "Uncle Paolo always said that each of us has to do something, each for what he can and for what he knows." Mom knew how to love and respect people, she taught us how to do it, everyone who can and for what I'm going to ask you out of here to take the same commitment, each for what you can and everyone for what you know ".
President Capasso said: "Rita Borsellino has been able to transform anger into love for young people".