2018 (EN)

"L'ORigano" Prize for the mayor of Vallo della Lucania (Salerno), Rony Aloia, the first in Italy to place the defibrillators' obligation in the urban plan for newly built houses. The award was presented in Naples as part of the presentation of the book of poetry, entitled "L'ORigano", written by the journalist Olga Fernandes for the purchase of defribillators to donate.
The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT of Naples, a World Heritage Site. The architect Gennaro Testa presented the award to the mayor Aloia. Present the "landlord" Michele Capasso, president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, the singer Peppino Di Capri, Ciro Esposito, commander of the municipal police of Naples and Sabatino Raia, singing teacher, who during the evening recited the poems contained in the book of Olga Fernandes.
Present, among others, also Antonio Ferrieri, a pastry chef among the best known in Naples, inventor of Sfogliatella all'Organo.