2018 (EN)

A book of poetry, entitled "The oregano" will finance the purchase of tools for survival, the defribillators: to write the book was the journalist Olga Fernandes who presented it at the Museum of Peace - MAMT".
"In Italy - explains the writer - the victims of cardiac arrest are more than 70,000 every year, and more than 80% of deaths occur far from hospitals and health facilities, and in this sense it is significant that in 65% of cases the cardiac arrest hit in the presence of witnesses and 60% of these events happen on the street, data from which it is evident the importance of defibrillators on the territory, which brings undoubted benefits on the front of survival.The defibrillator is a very precious tool, because it allows a intervention as immediate as fundamental, since for the person affected by cardiac arrest, every minute that passes is vitally important: in just sixty seconds, in fact, it reduces its chances of staying alive by only 10%, after only 5 minutes of time , the chances of salvation fall to 50% But can you die only because a defibrillator is missing? " Olga Fernandes has therefore launched a campaign for the maximum diffusion of defibrillators and is devoting all her energies to trying to find as many of these tools as possible, and to make them available to the population.
"Pain changes us," says the journalist, "it changes our perceptions We are souls divided in two, between generosity and mistrust, we need to find the courage to change, to dedicate ourselves to helping others, through my campaign for defibrillators knowing extraordinary people, ready to commit themselves to others, for whom giving, helping and supporting is a source of joy. I sincerely thank all those who have collaborated and are collaborating in this campaign. "From next September Olga Fernandes will lead on Crc Targato Italia the transmission "l'ORigano informa", dedicated to these topics.
Of the book and the need to spread as much as possible the defibrillators have talked about it, together with the author Rony Aloia mayor of Vallo della Lucania (the first in Italy to include in the regulatory plan the obligation of defibrillators in new buildings and assignee of the "Premio l'ORigano"); the architect Gennaro Testa, the architect Patrizia Bottaro, the architect Emma Buondonno, Giovanny Block, singer-songwriter; Michele Capasso, president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and "landlord", Stella Cervasio, journalist of the Republic, the architect Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Antonella De Cesare, conductor, Peppino di Capri, songwriter, Ciro Esposito, commander of the municipal police of Naples, i Naea, musical group and Sabatino Raia, singing teacher. Present at the event Antonio Ferrieri, pastry chef among the best known in Naples and inventor of the “Sfogliatella all'Origano”, born just to support the initiative.