2018 (EN)

Renato Caruso, an emerging musician, accompanied by Riccardo Vitanza and president Michele Capasso, visited the Museum of Peace - MAMT and the sections dedicated to Pino Daniele and Mario Molinari, on the occasion of the recent presentation of the Pitagora pensaci tu disc.
Pitagora pensaci tu think about you from a musical point of view a very special and varied album, in which all the different influences that are part of the world of Renato live together: the bossa nova mixes with oriental melodies, the classical melody joins the blues. The artist likes to define his songs as small sounds: with each of these he wanted to cross, as in a long imaginary journey in music, different places ranging from Paris to Brazil, from Naples to Milan.
Inside the disc there are two covers: Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton and Quando by Pino Daniele, which Renato considers his "hidden master" as the figure that has influenced and inspired him most in his career as a musician.
The first track extracted is the title track, also accompanied by the creation of a video clip conceived and filmed by Francesco Leitner Portolesi at the Spirit de Milan. A small film, in which the images of Renato that embraces his guitar and composes the piece, alternate with those of a passionate tango reinterpreted in an original and personal key by the ballerina Filomena Lupo. Here the link for viewing.
As well as a musician, Renato is also an enthusiast of mathematics, science, philosophy and computer science who also teaches in some schools. In 2015 he published his first book LA MI RE MI and is currently working on writing the second one.
He is also the inventor of a new musical genre, the Fujabocla, which mixes various musical styles including funk, jazz, bossa nova and classical.

Below are some videos by Renato Caruso, including the tributes to Pino Daniele: