2018 (EN)

Morocco adheres to the aims of the OMCOM - the Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafias established by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Caponnetto Foundation.
They discussed it during a meeting at the Fondazione Mediterraneo:

  • H.E. Hassan Abouyoub (Ambassador of Morocco to Rome).
  • H.E. Dr. Mohamed Kabbaj (Morocco).
  • H.E. Dr. Mustapha Bakkoury, president of the Casablanca Region (Morocco)
  • Prof. Adelhak Azzouzi (Morocco).
  • Prof. Asma Alaoui (Morocco).
  • Dr. Salvatore Calleri (President of Caponnetto Foundation, Italy).
  • Prof. Michele Capasso (President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo).