2018 (EN)

An extensive comparison aimed at outlining strategies for the future of tourism in Naples and Campania.
It starts from a question: outside of any sectoral perspective, what can be concrete initiatives - those simultaneous and which in sequence - able to positively affect this theme?
An area such as Naples and Campania, which has always been rich in surprising resources, is at the center of a growing tourist demand and is substantially unprepared, not up to its potential. Yet tourism is welcome, economy and improvement of the quality of life even for those who live in the realities involved.
Through many interviews with many members of civil society, made between 2017 and 2018, "We Citizens for Naples" by Angelo Colella has collected suggestions, opinions and different ideas: the meeting of 21 April aims to promote direct exchanges , to bring out a systemic vision, to outline paths and to identify possible concrete actions towards a stimulating future. The conference was attended Domenico De Masi, Massimo Pica Ciamarra and Michele Capasso.