2018 (EN)

First in Aleppo, with the Rector Major of the Salesians d. Angel Fernandez Artime and then Damascus.
In Aleppo, in the ruins, the appeal and the prayer for peace were renewed, which left Naples on February 17, 2017.
With the young and Salesians of the oratory of Aleppo, behind, the "Citadel", perhaps the oldest human settlement in the world that still has residents.
A tribute grateful to his courage, enthusiasm and hope for a better world: "believing in Aleppo" means believing in young Syrians!
In Damascus with father Bahjat Elia Karakach, Franciscan of the Custody of the Holy Land, superior of the convent dedicated to the conversion of St. Paul, the main parish of the Latin rite of the capital, in Damascus, which tells the joint attack of the United States, Great Britain and France launched in the night against three goals in Damascus and Homs.
"We were woken up at 4 am by the hiss of the missiles and we realized that the attacks were under way. Explosions were heard around Damascus. Here at the center for now everything is quiet but people are worried about the future. The population wants to live in peace and not under the nightmare of bombs ".
"We knew there was the intention of bombing by the US after the alleged chemical attack on the eastern Ghouta but hope was placed in an objective investigation on the use of chemical weapons and that for this there would be no launches of missiles", declares the friar who hopes "it is not repeated what has already happened in Iraq that was invaded in 2003 (by a coalition formed for the most part by the United States and the United Kingdom, and by minor contingents of other states, ed) because the regime of Saddam Hussein had been accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction. Weapons that were never found. The will is to destroy Syria. The project goes on with these bombs. We just have to pray for peace now more than ever ".