2018 (EN)

The XII Plenary Session of the PAM - Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean was held in Bucharest.
From the contrast to the evolution of terrorism to political and security developments in the MENA region, from the facilitation of exchanges and investments to climate change, from human rights and migration to the protection of cultural heritage.
From France, Italy, from Palestine to Israel and then Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Portugal Jordan .... and of San Marino, which from this session has officially entered a part of this great organization.No less important is the contribution made by the Associated States such as the Holy See, the Order of Malta and Russia and the many guests such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya, senior officials of the NU and representatives of other international organizations.
The work of the session was opened by speeches by the Presidents of the Chamber and Senate and by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, as well as by the messages of St. S. Pope Francis and Secretary General of ONU Antonio Guterres.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo, the first observer member of the WMPA - conceived in Naples at the Foundation's headquarters - has made its thirty-year contribution to dialogue and peace.