2017 (EN)

The "XXIIIrd National Anti-Mafia Summit", organized by the Caponnetto Foundation in collaboration with the Fondazione Mediterraneo, OMCOM, the "Federazione Anna Lindh Italia - Onlus" and the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, took place in Florence.
This year's theme is "HAS WITH THE FIGHT TO MAFIA?
Among the interventions were those by senators Giuseppe Lumia and Mario Giarrusso, magistrate Catello Maresca, colonel Giorgio Giombetti, journalists Paolo Borrometi, Martin De Sà Pinto, Giuseppe Antoci and others.
The President of the Fondazione Caponnetto Salvatore Calleri underlined the topicality of the summit wanted by Antonino Caponnetto precisely to "keep guard high" against the mafias, organized crime and terrorism that develops with extreme speed adapting to the changing times.
The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, drew attention to the role of Europe and the need to combat any "mafia-like" attitude that invades our societies, recalling the commitment of the activities of the Fondazione Mediterraneo on this issue since 1994.
On this occasion the project "All the Mediterranean mafias" was presented.