2017 (EN)

One of the presentations (in progress in various countries: see ENI CBC MED website) of the program for standard projects (about 84 Meuro) was held in Rome at the International Conference Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) ENI CBC Med.
The program director Dr. Anna Catte. attended the presentation.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo promotes this program with its network, spreading it to the largest number of interested parties.
Starting in 2014, the ENPI (European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument) program has been replaced by the new ENI (European Neighborhood Instrument) program, which provides more support to the 16 partner countries to the east and south of the EU's borders.
ENI will continue to provide most of the funding to European neighboring countries, mainly through bilateral, regional and cross-border cooperation programs.
The 13 countries that are currently part of the Joint Programming Committee, namely Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, the Palestinian National Authority, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia, have discussed several issues including:

  • State of  progress of the retailers in the normative framework for the second generation of ENI cross-border cooperation programs 2014-2020, with particular reference to the regulation, the ENI programming (containing the strategic priorities of the cross-border component) and the implementing rules for the new ENI program;
  • Eligibility of territories: the participation of countries that did not participate in the current JPC, that is to say Algeria, Libya and Morocco, was once again been described as an important feature to expand the opportunities for cooperation in the Mediterranean region;
  • Socio-economic analysis of the area involved in cooperation programs and the possible identification of new issues;
  • Involvement of the subjects interested  in the editing of JOP (Joint operational program);
  • Awareness raising projects on the main contents of JOP;
  • A roadmap for the presentation of JOP to the European Commission;
  • Management of the future program.