2017 (EN)

President Michele Capasso spent a day in the company of Andreu Claret: a great friend with whom he shared thirty years of passion for the Mediterranean, Dialogue and Peace.
On this occasion Claret has dedicated to Capasso his last book "Venjança" (Vendetta) also set in Naples.
It is a historical "yellow" that tells the story of an American who comes across a hypothetical document of Ipazia, (in ancient Greek: Ὑπατία, Hypatía, in Latin: Hypatia; Alexandria of Egypt, 355/370 - Alexandria of Egypt, March 415): it was a mathematics, astronomer and ancient Greek philosopher and representative of the neo-platonic philosophy.
Naples is present with a stage of the thriller that takes place between the National Library and the Hotel Mediterraneo and with many surprises....
A heartfelt thank you to Michele Capasso in the dedication dedicated to the book "for having contributed to the knowledge of the Mediterranean and Naples".