2016 (EN)

In the occasion of Christmas the Fondazione Mediterraneo pubblish the book of Sister Maria Pia Giudici titled “SANTA MARIA DEL QUOTIDIANO” : watercolors and reflections that Sister Maria Pia has made to remind the humility of the Madonna.

In his texts we reade:

These my humble attempts to evoke you in the colors, I want to dedicate them to SANTA MARIA DEL QUOTIDIANO because it is a title that seems to me to be an important aspect of your being Virgin Mary and Bride. Church, statues, even cathedrals, have been dedicated to you. They called you Santa Maria delle Rose, Santa Maria del Frassino, Madonna dei Bisognosi, Santa Maria della Rupe, Santa Maria delle tre fontane, Santa Maria del Pozzo. This is a rich and meaningful repertoire. Here I want to summon Your greatness, your bright, but not dazzling life. Here is the title: SANTA MARIA DEL QUOTIDIANO. Because you are completely woman, you have lived the woman’s daily life at the time, when the woman did not conferences or university lessons. With this I did not want to allude to a primacy of the "housewife" and I do not wish to return to the times when "Berta filava". I have met gorgeous women with soul transparency and superior intellectual skills in university such as Maria Sticco, I have read with admiration Maria Curie's life, a great research scientist as her husband. Yet, timidly but with affection, I wanted it to be the color in the white blue tones to "sing of You", or Mother, the essence of the feminine: a humble greatness that, in everyday life, reveals itself with full adherence to God, a mystery that was revealed to you by the Archangel on the day of the Annunciation. Yes, in the course of all your days, you have collaborated with your Lord and Son most beloved to the salvation of the world, the world that is not saved by the stunning gestures but by a love that becomes a service especially in the daily life.”