2016 (EN)

Berlin strage. Another strage. Another european capital. Another terrorist initiative. Berlin has once again hit life in its most beautiful and significant moments, which characterize the identity of a country. July 14 in Nice, now Berlin. Yes, that little square is world famous for the Christmas market. I have a living memory of years ago when I was there, during a visit to Berlin of Italian restaurateurs who rebelled against the lace imposed by mafiosi.
Today as yesterday familes crowd out stand. Gifts, crib characters, handicraft items! Children, lovers, young people full of energy, old sages, tourists around the world. Many Italians who live and study in the German capital. Classic life! An evening in Berlin!
The Truck bursts and sweeps away everything. It does not restrain, kills, hurt, throws in the sorrow and pain a whole country, the world, Europe. Already Europe! I'm not tired of repeating it. The only national road to anti-terrorism security is a must but not enough. It was thought that only France had its unprepared and overcome system. Maybe, but Germany? In essence, national security is not enough in preventing Daesh's terrorist attacks.
More than ever, it is necessary to move to the construction of a true and effective common European space against terrorism and anti-mafia .... It's a tough road to take. National stories and interests stand in every way. But so is a dripping that endangers all the "provincial" European capitals. We Italians this time pushing on the right side. We are the best organized country, but we also know that quality leap can only be done at European level with an intelligence, a specialized police and an equally common prosecutor. Of course Europe does not have the capacity to push countries to make choices in that direction. It is a declining Europe, both inside and outside. But in this troubled historic moment, the construction of the United States of Europe must be decided.
In Turkey, the Russian ambassador is killed. In the Middle East, the war rages. In Aleppo, the images that come to us say long about the tragedy that is being consumed. There is a need, there is space, there is the possibility to think and realize the United States of Europe. First we proceed is better for all of us and for the same humanity.